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Certifications Key

The Authority of Certification, by itself omediante the intervention of a registry authority, verifies laidentidad of the applicant of a certificate before its expedition or, in case of certificates issued with the condition of revoked, this identity eliminates the revocation of certificates when verifying. The certificates are documents that pick up certain data of their titularas as their public key and are signed electronically by the Autoridadde Certification using their private key. The Autoridadde Certification is a particular type of Lender of Services deCertificacin that legitimate, before the third parties that trust suscertificados, the relation between the identity of a user and its clavepblica. The confidence of the users in the important Authority of Certifications for the operation of the service and justifies lafilosofa of its use but a standard procedure does not exist to parademostrar that, an Authority of Certification, deserves this confidence. Key public and the private key the asymmetric cryptography is the mtodocriptogrfico that uses a pair of keys for the shipment of messages. Lasdos keys belongs to the same person to whom elmensaje has been sent. A key is public and it is possible to be given to acualquier person, the other key is private and elpropietario it must keep it so that nobody has access to her. In addition, the cryptographic methods guarantee that pair of clavesslo can be generated once, so that it is possible to be assumed that not husbandible that two people have accidentally obtained the same pair declaves.

If the sender uses the public key of the adressee to base elmensaje, once based, only the deprived key of the adressee to podrdescifrar this message, since he is the unique one knows that it. Therefore selogra the confidentiality of the shipment of the message, nobody except for the adressee can decipher it. If the proprietor of the pair of keys uses his deprived key to base elmensaje, anyone can decipher using it its public key.