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Henry Ford

This will give you a new vision of possibility in your life, ask yourself the next time you find you in a situation that it seems impossible: is really impossible or is only that still do not know how to handle it? That will give you options to act and as a consequence is It will increase your confidence. Distinguishes between capacity and possibility one additional tip: is good to remember that although you want can not failing because your brain is designed for success, it is the most sophisticated machine that exists as the product of thousands of years of evolution; you have all the resources within you right now! to the scope of your brain, you just need to learn to understand that this is true and give another approach to how you see yourself and your potential. On the other hand, learn to do is part of what life is about and for what was designed the most powerful tool you have: your mind. Don’t you feel great? Strategy 2: transforming failure into opportunity: appreciates your effort instead of thinking that you’ve failed and you did it incorrectly thinks that you are doing your best and you can do it better. Remember that all comportamient has a purpose, even if you fail in a goal, that only means that you can choose to do it in another form; If you calm you, not desanimas you and you have the disposition to appreciate your effort you will notice that you are capable of doing things that bring you closer to your goal, only that the next time you come in a different way. Appreciate your disposition allows you to open inside you a space to think about options and choices, changing the focus from what even you do not leave to how much you can still achieve. So ask yourself: in what you so? In everything what you have or what you need? On how much you know or what not yet dominate? ** The person who really wants to do something, find a way to do it, the others find excuses and reasons * strategy 3: transforming failure into opportunity interpretation is not reality the facts show us that we have done one thing or another.

The interpretation only failure lives in the conversation that we use to explain those facts. Art thou who chooses to live this explanation as if it were the fact without realizing that It is only an interpretation that leaves you without resources or possibilities to live it or feel it as if it were true. Consequently, it is more convenient that you deliberately build an explanation that will generate you options and possibilities; You can do that because in the space of your own mind only you think. Remember: The pain is biological but suffering is linguistic, because they live in the conversation or language by means of the interpretation we do of the events and live as if they were truth. You can choose which interpretation build and every problem facing is on you can see the opportunity. If you want to understand acts! Resolves questions raised and enriches this space with your valuable comments are how has impacted it this article? * Whether you think you can do it and if not, you’re always in the truth * Henry Ford be! to create the life your way Original author and source of the article