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Complete Cure For AIDS, HIV, Cancer And Other Types Of Oncology, Liu Is

The method of complete cure for AIDS, HIV, cancer and other types of cancer at any stage and all the sexually transmitted diseases. Found a completely new approach to solving this issue. Naturally, this is not a panacea to heal from particular disease at a particular stage should be approached creatively and selectively. But sick people appeared very real possibility of hard to curable diseases. And, most importantly – treatment is virtually no Medicine, as well as some elements (in particular the need to) Traditional medicine and an official of traditional medicine. Because they were all right, but cure the patient comes only in the application of various theories and practices complex. To do this, on the above mentioned method is removed maximum negative environmental effects, individually selected food and way of life of the patient, special procedures and so on.

In the first phase is very soft and comfortably cleared the patient’s body from accumulated in his body of dead cells, poisons and toxins, poisons him every second, contributing to his condition and so easy – a unique way within two weeks. Already in this period the patient is much better. Then again, gently and comfortably removed from the organism of the patient all microorganisms are viruses, fungi and molds, as well as other parasites – with modern apparatus and drugs. Simultaneously, the human body is populated it needs enzymes useful microflora, natural vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Depending on the severity of the disease (including and recommendations for the further recovery of his body, along with information support. This method has already been treated by many people. . Thus, an integrated approach to the treatment of previously considered incurable diseases, and also difficult to treat serious diseases and easily – humanity was a much better survival rates and prolong the life of the world’s population, increasing the period of his disability. Questions may be set by.

Interesting Facts About Laughter

Interesting facts about laughter The air that escapes from the lungs at a speed of 100 km / h, release of accumulated there bronchi mucus and makes breathing easier in inflammatory processes, such as bronchitis or asthma. Laughter enhances creativity and ability to solve different problems. It activates the limbic system of the brain, connecting the left and right hemispheres. Compare the life of famous stage actors in the last 270 years, Swedish doctors found a surprising pattern: the comedians live much longer tragedians. At one of the congresses of the International Society for the Study of laughter provided data about cancer: patients, regularly laugh, higher cure rates and better health indicators compared with the control group. Click CDF to learn more. In the seventeenth century doctors said: "The arrival of clown in town means more to health than the ten-loaded Drug mules! Physician Yew claimed that cured the scrofulous children tickling, forcing them to laugh. In the West, was held this experiment examined a group of sellers.

It turns out that most smiling over time not only the character has changed for the better, but began to disappear and the disease caused by psychological stress. English philosopher and physician William Osler called the music of life and laughter certainly recommend to laugh every day, although would be within 10 minutes. It is estimated that if a person laughs at least 17 minutes a day, he prolongs his life by one year. Doctors can not refuse and the impact of such a primitive, like tickling – help! The scientists, from Harvard University believe that a cheerful disposition reduces the chance of manifestation of various diseases by 50%. In Japan with great success in conducting sessions smehoterapii TB hospitals. Laughter and not hurt those who are completely healthy.

In Malaysia on the eve of the session students are taught special breathing exercises that simulate laughter. Experience has shown that all participants in the experiment successfully and easily, absolutely not worried, take exams. In the U.S., for example, the selection of candidates for astronauts specifically check whether the candidate is able to joke and whether he has a sense of humor. And the humor workshops for more than 10 years without fail send military high command of U.S. forces, and as heads of large corporations. Conducts classes known actor and writer Charles Metcalfe and calls them yumorobikoy.

Insect Or Mosquito Net

Insect or mosquito net? We look always to the composition Alfatsipermetrin from ticks. The substance is toxic, should be applied only to clothing! Do not count on the skin as the skin material and enters the bloodstream. It is very dangerous Allergy and children. For children it is better not to use! POISONING: Report of coordination, convulsions, tremors, lacrimation, salivation. Porojan organs and systems: the nervous system, liver, kidney and spleen.

First aid for poisoning: Fresh air, rest. In case of contact through the mouth – drink plenty of water, activated charcoal, saline laxative. If in eyes – with plenty of running water. After contact with skin – abundantly Rinse under running water and soap. Refer for medical attention. and do not believe those who write that this substance is the latest generation …

delirium marketers like me. DEET (aka dietiltoluamid) from mosquitoes, black flies. fairly safe means. can be applied to the skin, do not inhale, avoid popadaniyana mucous. look at the composition: namely, the% content. If 20% is enough for 3-4 hours (quiet rest), if 15% – then at 2-3. Moskitoll nedayno made a new series: 30% – superaktiv ))))) Well enough for 4-5 hours))) is used for children less than 15%. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Neeman Foundation. 3 years! IR 3535 from mosquitoes and black flies here it means the last generation!! You can use the children of the year. this is really a safe way … but in practice is not for sale .. only brand Masque Baby. If the balloons unwritten ‘to 15 days’ – this means that it is treated clothing alfatsipermetrinom, when lying in the closet will save antikleschevye properties of 15 days. And if in the air – no more than a day. Duration real action depends on your mobility. If you opryskadis 30% detoy and dig a field in the wind – it is not enough for more than an hour.


The guaranteed obligation of which it is spoken when it is tried to acquire money by means of mortgages, it consists of having to give back a granted credit, or a given loan, plus the accessory responsibilities product of the possession, that are determined using three fundamental variables: Capital: sum of money given by the indebted creditor to the hypothecating one. The amount of the debited capital usually is smaller than the value of accomplishment of the mortgaged property. Center For Responsible Lending may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Term: time that will take the return from the capital and its accessories. The return of the loan is realised through periodic payments until giving back the capital asked for added to all the accumulated interests during the agreed time to give back the main one. Interest: annual percentage that is due to pay to the mortgagee or financial organization for gains of the capital.

The type of interest can be fixed as well (maintains its value throughout all the term of the loan) or variable (its S-value is reviewed periodically). The 3 previous variables, obtain that them when asking information on plans of mortgages in banks, allows to know which will be the gains that the financial organization will obtain is possible to realise the calculations to know which will be the gains the organization by the concession of the loan and which will be the quota that must pay monthly until amortizing it totally. where the term must be expressed in months and the interest must be mensualizado. The result of this formula will allow him to consider the quota that will acquire the financial organization to him under the conditions by means of which it granted the hypothecating loan to him. Original author and source of the article

Preventive Health Supplements

Health is the most precious thing we have is a priceless gift that must be protected in every way. And most importantly, it should be done wisely. You can not just hear from someone on something, go for drugs or herbs (y They also have side effects). Need to turn to professionals to reliable sources. It must be understood to understand the reason for our problems, make the right decision. From what built our body? From what we are made? From which to build our cells? What do they need to exist? Our body – a kind of mechanism, its existence needs nutrients: minerals, vitamins, proteins, fats (in spite of the fact that we all avoid them) carbohydrates. We eat, so it was all in our body, so he could work and we could live, to exist. Our food – how many nutrients in them? Look around, what is happening to our environment? In our food valuable components smaller and smaller.

We do not get enough nutrients from our food. We live surrounded by stress. A stress disrupt our nervous system and suppress our immune system. What do we do? The best thing that we can offer a science at this point – it's biologically active supplements (dietary supplements). Biologically active food supplements obtained by using high-tech processing of natural plant herbs.

They contain vitamin-mineral complex and phytochemicals. Each plant is going in a certain time of year, because it affects the nutrient composition of grass. Then, fresh plants and herbs are placed in special "Eco-transporters" and delivered to the factory. Unique technology kriodrobleniya (grinding of raw materials in low-temperature environment in an atmosphere of inert gas nitrogen) used in the production of biologically active additives, preserve useful properties of plant components, without killing the life-giving force of herbs.


It is the relationship between humans and especially between men and women break up blood, fill the lungs with oxygen, cloud the brain. Looks, touch, hint. Flirt. We are constantly engaged in this process, even when it’s all fed up and want to close from around the world. And we always know the exact object to which our conscious and directed unconscious tools and techniques. As a rule, all our actions are predictable and simple, and therein lies the charm of seduction.

Both sides know what it was about what would follow later, and it will all end, but carefully closed on all of this and allow yourself to relax and enjoy deceived. Relations 50/50 – it’s an easy form of communication, when no one is obliged to nobody. Everyone kept at a distance. The man seemed to be close and it seems to be no simultaneously. Relations are replaced by simple proximity, often in haste and without mutual claims. Very soon it becomes a habit, and then completely replace us.

Very soon, then what makes us alive and sentient, forcing us to commit acts crazy and indulge in adventurous adventure, no longer interested at all. Flirting, seduction, seduction, relationships do not inspire us. Life itself loses brightness and contrast. And all this just because in everything and everywhere, these favored 50-50. Nothing serious, and anything concrete. I would not answer, and you, in general, about anything do not ask. It’s easier and calmer. But only does it have happier? Does it lead us to the great love that can turn the whole world upside down? Why all these half-measures, polusvyazi, poludeystviya, poluotnosheniya? And what if we take, and once in a lifetime to go to a hundred or even two hundred per cent in everything. In every look and every breath. In every word and every desire. In every action. Perhaps then, put on the full, surrendering to his feelings, sensations, emotions, will find happiness that can support you all life and to keep love real and true … Perhaps, then life will again delight you such simple things as the loved one’s eyes in the morning after waking up. So maybe we should start to live deeply, inhaling and soaking up the sunshine every cell of your heart? Right now. Without delay and not devaluing the life of its own, and not wasting time on meaningless empty words and false smiles. Who have experienced it once, he understands the meaning of go to the full.