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Thanks to this sudden and incomprehensible facility I did not need to dedicate much attention to him to the studies. I could finish it in five or six years. Later I gained the life giving classes and making calculations of structure. I believe that I did not have any opportunity to design something really interesting. And I doubt it had done that it. But it was the survival means that it had.

Until in the 2002 the economic crisis arrived at the South Cone and I decided to accept an invitation of a professor of the University of Georgia to follow my race there. So Literature, the vocation that it had from boy and against that I fought almost all my adolescence, it finished gaining the game. Gavin Baker addresses the importance of the matter here. Which are the problems which a Latin American writer faces? Fodder that at heart is the same that anywhere faces a writer of the world: nobody includes/understands that passion, that vice but takes that it inside. Clearly, as in everything always there are particularitities. Perhaps the greater problem than must face the Latin American writers is the limitation of the resources when they must make some investigation. If one is professor of a university in the United States and needs a data, a document, a book or one hundred books on abstinence between papas or the history of the Patagonia, it is enough with requesting it and to the few days they bring it to you from any part of the country without no cost. In whatever to the imagination, to the creativity, does not have any problem, since the writing is one of the offices economic than they exist. The geniuses always excel of their own context. The other spend their energies inventing excuses. In Towards what mother countries of silence (memories of a missing person), you present/display the vision to us of the world of a man in captivity and this it is in himself a novel narrated in the days of dictatorship How you approached these subjects in particular? What needs a writer to touch this so sensible subject socially? I do not know.

Mexican Jose Vasconcelos

We allowed ourselves to say this, because a considerable amount of the personages has been taken from that reality, with their names and their last names, Balaguer, Wesin and Wesin, by examples. This situation will allow, later, a judgment on the part of the posterity. Also, there is also a pathetic description of that human typology that, unfortunately, it has been repeated at different moments from historical happening of our Latin American towns. The following appointment is a reference: The Prestante Lady the wife of the dictator had taken in serious the one from writer and moralist. For which no.

They did not say the newspapers to it, the radios, the television? It was not book of obligatory reading in the schools, those meditations morals prologadas by Mexican Jose Vasconcelos, that reprinted every two months? Had not been False friendship the greatest theater success of thirty and years of the Era of Trujillo? They had not put it by clouds the critics, the journalists, the university professors? The ensotanados ones, the bishops had not praised their concepts. (Vargas Llosa M. 2001: 30-31). 1. Two histories and a reflection. We have already affirmed it before. In the work two histories intercross.

Like good creator of this methodology, that appears with the call Boom of the Latin American narrative, been born in the extraordinary years sixty, the author intercross these histories, through the 24 chapters that conform the work. The history of Uranian, for us the main one, before begins when she leaves her oath of not returning more to Santo Domingo, City Trujillo. Thus, it appears crossing his streets. All the chapter one is transformed into an inventory of place-names, until arriving at which outside its house during his first 14 years of life: Caesar Nicholas Penso, Galvn Corner. Front to this site, overwhelmed with memories, the mind of the personage elaborates everything an inner monologue, to overcome the conflict that considers to him before the decision to raise and to see its father.