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Unhappy Raja

The main essence of the law defining the relationship of these components is as follows: any process is not infinite, and that is to say, is mortal. But not need to worry in advance, as by death we mean you just move to another state or if you want a different world. How does this happen? The most common example, known to every schoolboy – is boiling water. Water heated and the temperature in it increases. Temperature – a quantitative index, which is constantly growing. Boy Scouts of America may find this interesting as well. But it is the law of nature does not allow it to grow to infinity and when the heating is close to the mark 100 degrees, water boils. As a result of changing water quality, and we get a vapor or gas. If we are, we will begin lowering the temperature, all the same law works in this case.

Once again, we can not lower the temperature to infinity, but only up to zero degrees. But in the end we again get a new quality – ice or solid state of matter. Allegorically be said that the water is like liquid dies and is born as a vapor or as ice. But the essence of water is saved, simply changing the form ‘life’. Unhappy Raja did not know that there is a mechanism that does not allow him to absorb the gold without restriction. And he acts according to rules which can not be broken.

This rule reads as follows: every quality in the superlative degree turns in the opposite. That is, if we have a quality result, it will not be able to continue to increase on a quantitative index. It’s easier to explain to example. Suppose we are hungry. Getting to eat and when they were filled, further we can no longer eat. Our desire is satisfied and if we continue to eat, then we can get poisoned from eating too much. That is, in the end saturation followed by poisoning. The same goes for drinking. Sound familiar, does not it? The people are usually called ‘does not know his rate. ” Simply put, a person drinks more than he needs for fun. But in the end – instead of alcohol poisoning lung laughing drunk. This happens all the time, but not in itself but as a consequence of the law of nature. The same happened with our animated hero. He like wealth, but did not know – how. As a result, the law has been violated, and wealth turned into poverty. All the gold turned into shards. Kabbalah explains this law with any party. In our world we can not infinitely receive. You say, unfair? Not at all. The fact that all of nature directs us to the fact that reaching for something, we take in their quest and get moved on. But this desire is not infinite. It also has limits, going up to that, the person needs to realize that this way he can not go any further. Future path of humanity can not get through. Infinite delight can be achieved only by giving. Here objective pursued by the nature and humanity which is approaching. Perpetual pleasure!