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Companies need innovative ways to maintain their competitive advantage in terms of talent of his staff. The crises threatening the commitment of the employee towards the company or the same objectives. In turbulent environments, better trained employees may find different options. Economic competition among countries puts at risk many social factors that harm employment relations. Without hesitation Jo Mackness explained all about the problem. Is the responsibility of the human resources area see beyond the economic interests of enterprises and propose a balance between people and organizational reality of work, allowing countries and enterprises achieve competitiveness long-term economic scenarios presented in the present a competitive dynamic where emerging avante companies that have been prepared for this purposenot neglecting the role of their human resource that represents a significant capital in the achievement of its objectives, dsempeno, requiring increasingly more of a staff trained, prepared so that the creative and innovative potential that is usable. Good management You can not neglect its human resource, you must be attentive in your training, development, especially in Latin American companies where it is necessary to be fully identified with that competes is needed of the human factor in order to ensure a participation that guarantees competitiveness. To the respect of the scope and impact of the human factor, in an interesting work contributed by the Professor of the IESE Marta Elvira, along with Anabella Davila, they shelled the relationship that exists between human resources and business success strategies. Both have published a book Best Human Rosource Practices in Latin America (best practices HR in Latin America), where presents its opinion on the relevance of the human factor in the Latin American reality. Universia-Knowledge@Wharton bring us some opinions that we think are important to bear in mind, such as: human resources in Latin America has the opportunity of becoming an indispensable support to make companies comply with their strategies to the global economic crisis.