Trading Floor

When the goods all clear, the range is selected, the suppliers are found, and all agreements with the latter is, we go further Secondly, trading floor or as they say in common, the site. We go into the studio to give them 30,000 rubles. (And probably 60000 rubles.) A month – two get ready site. I do not advise, because expensive And the money from the novice entrepreneur, as a rule, little Therefore, we go to the site, buy it-service "Web site e-Gloryon and online store e-Gloryon , spend it all 12000 rub. and happy start to create your own trading site yourself.

It's quite easy, given the ease of use of the above complexes. But if you do not want to do it yourself, then for you it will make developers complex e-Gloryon. Not free of course, but Much cheaper than in the studio! So, the site is ready! Third And that actually, in the third? Further work is underway on website promotion, and this is not the subject of our topic today. In order to obtain information on the subject, Just log on Yandex and type "site promotion". Information will be through the roof! Well, that's you and the owner of this and profitable Internet business! A lucrative whether it? Someone without a doubt – yes, but someone barely making ends ends. But what is it connected? Factors affecting the profitability of your project very much. And a lot of pitfalls that could sink your business on the Internet. How not to drown? Basically ruined the Internet – shops (and with them and hope for financial independence), for one reason – wrong choose your product.