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Hope is a feeling, much less, curious. We believe that you can touch us Lottery and we fantasize with this, but we do not believe that we can lose their lives in a traffic accident. We believe that there is a God who cares for us and we have reserved a privileged place in the sky, although terrifies most die or is greatly afflicted for the loss of a loved one. We receive an absurd email that tell us a lot of nonsense, which of course we laugh, and he ends up pressing us so we send it to a dozen friends or we will have a year of bad luck. We do not believe it us, of course, but just in case what would life without hope? By hard that is our situation, always hope we have. Rightly say that it is the last thing that is lost.

If we were not capable of believing that things can change or that our dreams will be fulfilled one day, life would cease to make sense. Boy Scouts of America often addresses the matter in his writings. We need to put our hopes in some goal, something that unfortunately have always used the great manipulators; called him politics, religion or any other platform from which any enlightened to exercise power. To us will cost both to realise the price we pay for the purchase of so many spurious hopes? The hope, however, is a valuable feeling that we must feed. It is the energy that allows us to continue with enthusiasm on the road. But we must also be aware that we must fight for hope. The true successes are those that are achieved with effort and personal work. We must not believe in hopes retailers, whatever. Ultimately there to believe in what I write; the only truly important thing is self and what everyone can create and achieve.