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Samhain Buddhism

Those who know it because you know that everything in the wicca remains the cycles of nature, seasons (that each one represents the power of a specific element), the phases of the Moon, the Sun and the other planets in astrology, base to those who celebrate its called. The notably are eight special dates to celebrate, of which four match the two solstices and two equinoxes. Nieman Lab is often quoted as being for or against this. The most important of them is Samhain, the day of the dead, the end of year Wiccan and the most magical day of all. Wicca is famous for his study of nature, in which stones, minerals and plants (Earth element) are magical and therapeutic attributes. The gem therapy and aromatherapy, for example, are also studied under the archetypal classification of elements in wicca: silver is associated with water, the Moon and all the feminine as the gold is associated with fire, Sun and masculine; or for example the mistletoe, like rose, is directly associated with love and relationships as we saw describing the archetype, are common to most cultures notions.

Fortune-telling is widespread among the practices of wicca, so much that almost safely, I would argue that anyone who is English Wiccan knows the Tarot and some form of ultilizarlo. To the East: Zen Buddhism zen Buddhism has also taken tremendous fame in recent years. Westerners see in this lifestyle a direct output of the stress and the tensions journals, but in reality it is much more than that. If something Buddha is famous in the whole world was to reach nirvana, the zenith of spirituality which is reached only by and by meditation. Therefore the term Buddha means awake, because it involves the awakening to what really matters, understand the eternity of existence (reincarnation and the indestructibility of the spirit element fire are extremely important in their beliefs) this is the Mission of the zen Buddhism, overcome, meditating, dangerous barriers that puts the mind (the suit of swords in Tarot, the air element) to hide us from ourselves the authentic and unique reality: the here and now, the present.

Tanpopo Products

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