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On Earthquakes And Chronic Prophecies

Edson Silva Is probable that the entire world is astonished when following, since friday (11), another tragedy, of this time the terrible earthquake (followed of tsunamis), occurrence in Japan and that it reached diverse countries, leaving tracks of destruction and deaths. I do not have base technique to evaluate causes of the phenomenon. Also I do not find legal to compare so full fact of personal dramas with the ample forecasts of sacred Holy Writs of religions. Therefore, I believe that it is moment to lament and to ask for some type of comfort for the directly involved people with the tragedy. Hear other arguments on the topic with Boy Scouts of America. When seeing cars, airplanes and ships dragged for the rapids as they were mere toys, entire houses being changed back, I thought about music ‘ ‘ The Profecias’ ‘ , that she was composed in 1978 for Raul Seixas and Pablo Rabbit. Music starts declaimed in melancholic tone, saying: ‘ ‘ It has days that people if feel /Um little, perhaps, little people One day of those without graa/De rain to fall in the glassware ‘ ‘ was accurately as soon as to feel started me ahead of the impotence of the race human being in these situations.

In music, Raul and Coelho describe what it would be the end of the world, something foreseen in any made prophecy, either for wise pseudo, that saw the future or for what they call insane person whom she writes in the wall. ‘ ‘ Burst, explosion, tidal wave the flame of the lighted war, the hunger seated in the table /The angel appearing in the sea the fire stamps, the eclipse the symbols of the apocalypse ‘ ‘ In my opinion he seems that music is telling the images that the TVs and sites parade for my eyes at that moment. for us that we know all music seems that mentally we continue excessively estrofes, but without the joy of its contradictorily danante rhythm. ‘ ‘ It is in any /Que prophecy the world if it finishes one day /Sem fire, without blood, is /O world of our ancestral ones.