November Container

HENZE GmbH plastic factory delivers three 24-metre plastic container with inner diameter on November 24th 4 m after Zaragoza, 24 m plastic container Giants travel to Spain Spain for the largest working on bio-based desulfurization plant in Europe HENZE GmbH plastics factory delivers three 24-metre plastic container with internal diameter on November 24th 4 m to Zaragossa, Spain delivers the Henze company plastic factory in Troisdorf for one of the largest paper mills in Europe in Zaragoza (Spain) 3 plastic tube container. These are each approximately 24m long with an internal diameter of 4 metres and are transported via road and later to ship. The containers are made of polypropylene. With these containers transport enters the Henze company due to the oversized Neuland. With the containers, a Biorieselbettreaktoranlage for the desulfurization of biogas to be built for the paper mill. It is necessary to energetically valuable gas extracted in a biological wastewater treatment plant 70.000 m/day reveals. Due to the very high sulphur content (H2S – hydrogen sulphide), the gas not in the block heat and power plants for the production of energy can be, exploited, resulting in considerable loss of revenue for the paper mill.

An affiliate of HENZE GmbH will process the plastic tube container in turnkey desulphurisation plants in Zaragoza. A special challenge during the construction of desulphurisation is dealing with the hydrogen sulphide. This is corrosive and damaged both machinery and engines. The cost of repairs, engine oil, or downtime this caused negative impact on the efficiency and reliability of the system. The developer of the desulphurisation plant meets this challenge with the use of Thiobacillen. These inhibit the corrosion ability of hydrogen of sulphide. The plastic containers are also made of the corrosion-resistant material pp PP corrosion has the properties to be acid and friction-resistant.

Therefore, it is regularly for corrosion and acid-intensive applications used. The demand has increased in recent years after desulphurisation plants. Including new energy a food law is responsible for this. This offers a very lucrative incentive to build biogas plants for farms. The desulphurisation plant without energy input feed law is worth for the paper factory in Zaragoza. You justified this with the profitability, which emerges from the additionally generated heat and electricity. Kareem Shehadeh

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