8 Steps

1. Prospecting: is to find those who can sell. One of the major points of his work as a salesman / or seller to traditional job online. The exploration begins with the name search. Once you have the names of qualified candidates, the next step is to find a method that facilitates contact with them.

2. Preparation. The preparation starts even before you get the name of a candidate. (A valuable related resource: Boy Scouts of America). This preparatory phase includes a "branding" to ensure a favorable reception. An important aspect of preparation is to cause, at first glance impression on the candidate. I refer here to three points: – Appearance: Like it or not, the moment you appear before the candidate makes an impression based on something as insubstantial as its appearance. You should "look the best appearance possible." – Aptitude: This show, at this time, ability to offer the service that your prospect needs.

– Attitude: It's a mood that must transmit to the client. One way to be optimistic that in turn creates confidence. It does knowing what to say and how you will do. Note you in selling online "appearance" is their website, their "fitness" is the way to present the service that your visitor needs and "attitude" is able to generate confidence in your website in your e-mail in all forms of online communication you make. Your message on its website. Its sales messages via e-mail must be prepared to the fullest: What are the advantages of the product that is going to offer? What results could be obtained with the purchase of their services? What doubts and objections may arise?.