Descriptive Geometry

Drawing Technician in the Architecture. Bertran Stacke SUMMARY The present study it has for objective the elaboration of an article, being this, on Drawing Technician in the Architecture. A little on the work of the architect and its paper as professional using the drawing technician. 1. INTRODUCTION The objective of the article is to show the importance that the Drawing Technician has in companies and its projects. To read more click here: Center for Responsible Business. After theoretical study, a study of field with a company was made who uses the drawing technician. (Source: Nieman Foundation). On the basis of all these information, the article were elaborated. 2.

THEORETICAL REFERENCIAL 2.1. DRAWING TECHNICIAN The drawing technician is a specialized branch of the drawing, characterized for its normalization and the appropriation that makes of the language of descriptive geometry. Such form of drawing is used as base for the projetual activity in you discipline as the architecture, design and engineering. In its more general context, the Drawing Technician engloba a set of necessary methodologies and procedures for the development and communication between projects, concepts and ideas and, in its more restricted context, mention the specifications to it techniques of products and systems. 2.1.1. DESCRIPTIVE GEOMETRY Descriptive Geometry (also called mongeana geometry or method of monge) is a branch of the geometry that has as objective to represent objects of three dimensions in a bidimensional plan.

This method was developed by Gaspard Monge and had great impact in the technological development since its systematization. 2.1.2. ARCHITECTURE The art or the technique is mentioned to it to project and to build the environment inhabited for the human being. In this direction, the architecture destacadamente deals with the organization of the space and its elements: in last instance, the architecture would deal with any problem of agency, organization, aesthetic and order of components in any situation of space arrangement.