New Zealand Dollars

Russians can now make purchases on the auction site eBay, registering in the payment system PayPal. Until payment service for the Russians will be limited – you can use it only to pay for your purchase. Access to the system online payments via PayPal will allow Russians to pay for purchases at the auction site eBay, to transfer money via PayPal, but until they can not take them. "The fact that the Russians get to the restrictions on accepting payments PayPal, says ongoing fear of mass fraud. Our users need to be prepared for the security policy of this company, which allows you to block accounts, without any formal reason or explanation, "- commented to CNews Peter , Director of External Relations of the payment system WebMoney. Previously, the system for security reasons has not registered the Russians, and some users had to pretend to be citizens of other countries that were threatened by exposing them to loss of money flowing through PayPal. In addition, PayPal has added support of new currencies. In addition to dollars, Australian dollars, euros, pounds sterling, Canadian dollars, Japanese yen and Chinese yuan, the service is now serving czk Danish krone, Hong Kong dollar, Hungarian forint, New Zealand Dollars, Polish Zloty, Norwegian krone, Singapore dollar, Swedish krona and Swiss franc.

According to Michael Putilova, deputy technical director, on the Russian market of payment systems, this event will affect slightly. "In Russia, the calculations buyers online shops practically use electronic payment systems. Most payment systems are used to pay for cellular or fixed communications, fewer public services, "- commented to CNews, Mr. Putilov. "Electronic money Russia has strong positions in many areas of Internet business, but especially in those where the important immediate and irrevocable payments "- confirms Mr.

. Indeed, according to the August poll romir Monitoring, only 8% Buyers of Russian Internet shops prefer to use electronic payments (WebMoney, etc.). A preferred method of payment for purchases is cash on delivery by courier: this answer 74% of respondents participating in the poll. "To predict the popularity of PayPal in Russia is a difficult task – in the U.S. it is normal means of payment, and in Europe, where they work for several years, is still much more common traditional instruments – credit card, internet banking, direct debits accounts "- believes Peter . Recall that the acquisition transaction system PayPal was in 2002: eBay paid for the shares of the company $ 1.5 billion and made his PayPal accounting system. System PayPal was founded Kievan Max Levchin in 1998, to date, the service uses more than 100 million people.