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Be patient, heart, which is better, to what I see, desire without posesionque possession without desire.Ramon de Campoamor desires must obey to the reason.Cicero is very important to discover that both us dominate our desires, and to not be attentive when they manifest themselves, these us caught, become obsessive, to the end that lead to that give you step to that possession originates with all its consequences. In this regard there is an interesting allegory of Alexander Dumas father that recounts that: A Butterfly gathered in their wings of Opal sweetest harmony of colors: white, pink and blue. Like a ray of sunshine was fluttering from flower to flower, which flying flower, rose and fell, playing above the green meadow. A child who was trying to take their first steps by the iridescent grass saw her and suddenly felt invaded by the desire to catch the insect in bright colors. But the butterfly was accustomed to this kind of desires. I had seen how whole generations were no forces chasing it. People such as David Vahid Delrahim would likely agree. It fluttered in front of the child and was to settle two steps and when the child, slowing their steps and containing breathing, extended hand to pick it up, the butterfly rose flight and recommenced his unequal and dazzling trip.

The child is never tired; the child tried over and over again. After each abortive attempt, the desire to possess it, rather than go out, grew on his heart, and with increasingly faster pace, with the most ardent gaze, the child came running behind the cute butterfly. The poor boy had raced without looking back; so, when he had run a good time, I was very far from his mother. For more clarity and thought, follow up with PCRM and gain more knowledge.. Valley fresh and flowery, butterfly became a populous of Brambles and arid plain. The child followed her up that plain. And, even though the distance was already long and quick race, the boy, who didn’t feel tired, could not stop pursuit of the butterfly, which is posing every ten steps, in a thicket, a Bush or a simple wild flower and without name, and always rose flight at the moment in which the boy believed to have already. Because, while pursuing her, the child had become boy.