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Caution Falling Mercury

It is worthy options to be reckoned with following features not every recurrence mercury behaves the same. In the sign of the bull or the Virgin of everyday life with the recurrence will be easier to deal with, as if mercury in Aries will decline, as is the case now in March. Of course the other current constellations are more important. And because sprays and will spark it currently enormously, so the decline will be difficult to handle. It is worthy to be reckoned with following features. Continue to learn more with: Center for Responsible Business. Failures, delays, repairs, delays, disability, cancellations, message failure, appointment cancellations, technical defects, loss, difficulties on the communication level, errors in contracts, appointments and agreements are not respected, repayments. Mercury is the symbol of communication and information transfer.

Three to four times a year for approximately 3 weeks mercury will decline”. This is only a special Time quality shown mercury itself does nothing. In the year 2011vom 30.03 2011 to 23.04.2011 03rd 2011 to 26.08.2011 24.11 2011-14 Dec 2011 in this period is much not on schedule. Dates can not be met, the post comes late or not, especially on the road, it comes to chaotic conditions and specifically the technique failed in many areas. Important dates should be moved to a date of direct heat. Wedding dates are considered particularly unfavourable in this time.

The same is true for the signing of contracts. Mercury device several times in the current Jupiter/Saturn opposition (Aries Libra), this old disputes and conflicts be addressed again, which has not yet been resolved. Whether by warlike acts or diplomacy, which will show up. It will prove to be difficult to keep the balance between enforcement and harmony. The recurrence now gives the opportunity for introspection and reflection. A new start is now in the wrong place forward drive can be is now also nothing. You try anyway, you will quickly realize that it is a fight against windmills. Best one reviewed past and current and kept the rest. Carefully check all active no hasty actions and respect the limits of the person. Then all in a concrete form can be placed and stabilize in the next month. Your personal horoscope provides more information.

Earth OASIS – Vision Quest With The Shaman Agustin Rivas

Shamanic ceremonies with the Peruvian shaman \”Viejo\”, the son of the master shaman Don Agustin on April 21-22, 2010 & 24-25.04.2010 in Gummersbach near Cologne powerful encounter with the Amazonian shamanism and its medicinal plants the shamanic vision quest with Don Viejo, the son of the highest-ranking shamans of Peru, Don Agustin, culminates in the nightly ceremony with the Amazonian Liana Capiruna. Don Viejo home, the Amazon lowlands of Peru, is rightly considered a treasure trove of highly potent medicinal plants used by the local shamans for their detoxifying and cleaning processes. The ritual ingestion of the medicinal plants used traditionally in all of South America Capiruna also allows to look at life from a whole new perspective and recognize significant holistic connections. So also the root causes, the hidden meaning of a disease opens some participants of the healing ceremonies. The shaman, who feels deeply connected with Capiruna and knows how to use her magic powers, Insight into the energy and health condition of each participant opened the medicinal plant.

Thus, ultimate healing processes in motion can be used. This work may prove extremely helpful not only for already sick – she is also ideal for health prevention. At the same time, we also experience how closely the search for the deeper meaning of his own life and sustainable shamanic healing are linked together. In contact with the own vision with the authentic inner and outer potentials for this life to come, is a profoundly liberating and inspiring experience. Don Viejos high energy work, supported by the healing essence of Amazon plants and the love and wisdom of the spiritual world, opens us doors to our inner strength and truth, unbridled courage and zest for life – and hence lower acceptance of our responsibility for your own health. The man and the shaman Don Viejo Agustin Rivas Viejo, the son of Don Agustin Rivas Vasquez, was from his father, the inaugurated the highest-ranking shamans of Peru, over many years in the traditions of Amazon shamanism.

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