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We all love to laugh at funny jokes fresh and funky stories about the various bizarre cases of life. But here we can see that very few people know the story of the origin of jokes, who thought them up and began to tell. Anecdote is the most important element or the main component of almost any company of people. At its core, anecdote – a little story about everyday everyday life, problems and worries, troubles and fun events, and the other hand – this is the subject of agonizing search for the world's greatest philosophers, scientists, linguists and anthropologists. Anecdote describes a future life, where situations are mixed, superimposed one on one, appear and disappear. Home the goal of any joke is laugh a company have positive emotions, feelings. For even more opinions, read materials from PCRM. That's a joke he is, if the anecdote is laughable, then he has a future and he will be traveling across the country.

And Many researchers argue that the anecdote has appeared as a historical story about the funny and the absurd actions of great men. Center For Responsible Lending may help you with your research. He calls all people's rights, regardless of their status and size of the purse, makes fun of how poor and the rich. During Soviet times, the capital of humor was Odessa, and were the most popular stories on political topics. Only in this way people could express their opposition to communism and its leaders. There were times when telling a joke regime threatened to prisons and camps, but they continued to be produced and distributed. In today's world a lot of jokes about blondes, the new Russian. This is all due to huge the number of beauty contests, though everyone understands that hair color may not affect mental abilities girl and her logic.

Also, people made fun of rich class in the face of new Russian their luxury Mercedes 600-x. Great the number of people have people have tried to come up with new jokes, but only some succeeded. This happens only when you see a funny situation, you hear someone's silly talk. Jokes may appear spontaneously when no one expected. For example, during the performance of the actor lost track, and all heard his "beautiful and sophisticated" voice. " Now this person becomes the author of a new joke. To be honest, without jokes bored, they help to maintain a good mood, not only you but also your family and friends.