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On September 20, appears “The dictator” on DVD and Blu-ray “The dictator” combo including digital copy and scandalous bonus material Hamburg, 27.08.2012 – which returns brilliant Sacha Baron Cohen with the totally politically incorrect comedy back on the screen and cares little about the boundaries of good taste back once welcome. The incompetent rulers and ruler of Wadiya is deposed on his first trip to America: all of a sudden he is forced to live his ultimate nightmare… the American dream! The material for the comedy based on the novel “Zabibah and the King”, which has been debunked as a literary work of the former despot Saddam Hussein. PCRM brings even more insight to the discussion. An absolute role for the British Sacha Baron Cohen, who already Borat made the international audience as a brash Kazakhstani journalist laugh and also as a gay Austrian fashion expert Bruno making a splash in the cinemas was. Once more assume the original author Larry Charles (“Seinfeld”) the Director, after he already “Borat” and “Bruno” co-produced.

“The dictator” combines an outstanding comedy ensemble with stars such as Anna Faris (“scary movie”), Ben Kingsley (“Hugo”), Jason Mantzoukas (“the League”), Chris Parnell (“30 Rock”), Bobby Lee (“MADtv”) and Jessica St. Clair (“bridesmaids”) in front of the camera. Paramount Home Entertainment celebrates on September 20 with the brand new uncensored version of the third world ruler Admiral General Aladeen the DVD and Blu-ray combo conquest of the German market. AND WHAT SAYS THE ADMIRAL SELF? “My movie is funnier than the equal rights for women, just as stomach-aufreibend a UN resolution and still funny as a student while watching, he sets himself on fire. “Owning pleasure more than Halle Berry rub almond oil on the buttocks to make a copy of my glorious and award-winning film, while her bint al-sahn with your mashloof stimulate and it will cost you significantly less money”, says Admiral General Aladeen.

Learning Community

Online music school offers a big step OpenMusicSchool, which makes online music school videos for learning and interaction between the users of Munich, 20.07.2011 forward and is expanding with the newly designed Internet site their learning community. The OpenMusicSchool became known with her teacher and founder Philip Edelmann especially through YouTube. On his instructional videos, he owes the onslaught a hitherto completely new and revolutionary training concept (learning without notes, fun rather than coercion, enthusiasm instead of duty). The countless learning videos for piano, keyboard, electric guitar, bass, drums, recording and composition are now very popular with a wide and loyal community of approximately 20,000 portal users. The aim of the new site is so Philip Edelmann, many thousand users, we have in the OpenMusicSchool also to link, to offer them a platform of interaction and make it still more people, through online courses in the music and the music to inspire”. At this point, he adds: we make the people a little happier – this is no empty phrase, which I hear on YouTube, Facebook or email from my students every day and am particularly proud!” The OpenMusicSchool’s new learning platform offers now a blog, in the Philip Edelmann and his team regularly informed about interesting news from the world of music and musical instruments. These include also blog reports on various music events, such as the Frankfurt Music fair. In addition, various community events will be announced in the blog, where the members personally can get know each other.

Another innovation is the Forum: here users can rely on the full knowledge of the entire learning community and also determine the topics. Various categories offer for example the possibility to ask questions to other users or to take part in exciting discussions. The Forum is to strengthen the community character of the OpenMusicSchool and promote the fun of playing common music. In addition to the paid 600 There are a whole series of free videos to the pure trial premium videos that show step by step how to makes his own music and plays no foreign things, on the page. There are also sections, such as the instruments purchase tips that completely and at any time free of charge are available to all users.

Rumor Mill To George Clooney

The Hollywood superstar George Clooney has it currently really not easy. Source: Center For Responsible Lending. The Hollywood superstar George Clooney has it currently really not easy. Because the rumors are surrounding once again the popularity and you can be sure that not all of them must be true. One of the rumors of the recent past was that Clooney had been diagnosed with a severe case of malaria. What truth was actually on this story, because Clooney had been recently for a charity action in Sudan. There he wanted to insert himself, with the support of the Internet giant Google against a new war in the region.

Actually hatter he is during this trip with the dangerous malaria virus infected already for the second time but there’s no reason to worry about. Finally, the American Hollywood stars have a significantly better medical care than an ordinary farmer in Sudan and Clooney is already long back well. he subject. An other discussion revolves around the current girlfriend of superstars, the beautiful model Elisabetta Canalis. Clooney will reportedly have noted that he will not marry the Italian, it would not work at his last marriage attempt. Even if this is at the moment of still, Clooney’s opinion, such a decision may be arguing over quickly.

The third rumor to George Clooney is particularly risky and revolves around the children of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. They should have left supposedly a real mess in Clooney’s apartment, they were there to visit. Distorted out books, chocolate on the sofa, footsteps everywhere. “Allegedly, Clooney should then be disengaged and Brangelina’s children” have banned from his land. Since then there is radio silence between Clooney and the parents of the children. So that’s the latest gossip and gossip, George Clooney can currently read about in the tabloids and you can be sure, he welcome about can grin. So are the rules of the game in Hollywood now.

LaFee Christmas Fundraiser

Call to all her fans: brings gifts to the December shows! (thk) During their three December appearances in Oberhausen (11th), Wurzburg (12/12) and Bad Arolsen (13), LFee collects gifts for the German children’s aid! The great thing: Each concert-goers can contribute to the success of the action, taking it with a gift to the show! “Reason for the charitable idea: LFee, who shortly before the start of the mini Flash tour is 18 years old and be adopted with the birthday gigs from their childhood, want to love fest” do something for minors, which is not good. Consequently, she called on their fans to bring gifts for the needy to the guest appearances (with written notice for which age and gender!). The gifts are presented then collected the German children’s aid. This association is a national non-governmental organization (www.kinderhilfe.de), which promotes nationwide without government money aid projects and independent as the only genuine lobby for children position concerns and legislative procedure. Also Germany’s most successful singer their popularity committed in another field, that an optimal result is achieved when the whole: because toys “R” US donates extensive non-cash prizes worth a total of 1,000 euros, LFee is the branch of the chain in Essen on the December at approximately 3: 00 (Guild courtyard Center, Holle str. 3) visit and personally thank you for toy donations there giving autograph. Who the artist supported by 8th May 29, 2009 on the occasion of her new CD ring free”on a big tour of Germany is, know that he his part has helped, that it is for the needy, disabled, traumatized or autistic children at Christmas is this year: nice Christmas present! Reprint free of charge; BU: LFee and their fans help the German children.

LFee birthday “Tour 2008 support:”Before pointing children”11.12. Oberhausen, Turbine Hall (inlet: 17 h 00, start: 18 h 00) 12.12 Wurzburg, post Hall (admission: 17 h 30,)” Start: 18 h 30) 13.12 Bad Arolsen, Outback (intake: 18 h 00, start: 19 h 00) cards: 30.00 (plus fees) at the renowned sales outlets and at tour organizer: KBK concert and artist agency GmbH, Tel. 089.41 10 94-0 Internet: PR,, (fan page):, Tel. 0821.58 97 93 88/9

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