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The Beach

– Head on to defeat the enemy, it is necessary to fight him! Right? In boxing, or any other force duel competitors enter the ring and stand opposite each other. Similarly, you need to call their complexes in the fight, to fight with them. Be sure you win. If you have problems with weight – go to the beach, not paying any one attention. If you are afraid to speak before an audience – try to do it as often as possible: to tell jokes in the company of colleagues, talk with a stranger (in a store, transport), to make a compliment, make a report, etc. And the more often you'll hit your head on the complex, the faster it will no longer be ashamed of.

You'll quickly realize that it's not terrible. Think of Lolita, in which frank clothes, not having a perfect figure, it is their show. And watch as she leads them. They are said to "people without any complexes." It fully confirms this in his eponymous transfer. About these people say so jealous! Let them envy you too! – Laugh at themselves. Make fun of his complex – excellent reception and aerobatics. Naturally, you must do so in the presence of your acquaintances, friends and colleagues. First – this is a good reason to laugh, because they are only waiting for this and how you felt.

A Secondly, everyone will understand that at this no longer interested in laughing. It's not interesting to make fun of someone who is not offended, not pyzhitsya, and laughs along with everyone. For example, after seeing on television a respected person with the same defect (eg, stutters or burr), we can say, "Hey, this is my cousin, I remember it still golopopym." or "this behemoth – the boy compared to me, he was even in my chair quietly put" When you're in a playful form Speak your problem if people would understand that you do not feel shy and not kompleksuete. Someone may continue to joke and joke back – perfect! The main thing is not lost – to smile or laugh, or make a joke again, we can say, "you can not even imagine how you're right," So, you have armed – go ahead! To fight the complex! And remember, pay attention to the complex only you, the rest of the gift they are not needed, so delete them from your sight!