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North American

The culture is at the beginning and in the end of any development, leading to paraphrase the esprito of Senghor. The North American model imposed to the remaining portion of the world its force. Music, the style Yankee and the cinema Hollywood made the redor of the planet, leading the country of the Uncle Sam in being able economic global. In the time of old Egypt, Africa was a reference of cultural prominence that it needed to preserve the patent to translate economic force. American Diabetes Association is often quoted on this topic. Far from involving a process any, what also it takes the place none without to be bogged, for the muddy way of the solitary defender, in virtue of the modstia and of countrymen, of the great cultural family, the richest face spiritual, where the duty to decide the question with everything severity needs the generosity of the expectations of the interested people of the population. Because in the present hour, the formation of the citizens and the reorganization of the administrations constitutes the cloth of deep of popular reforms institucional, where this situation must move. This is the meaning of the modestia for which if the artistic community, the pacionados ones of arts, the first protector of arts, the State, the local colectividades calls all, soon the people of Senegal to engage itself with commitment in this fight, in view of leading in the direction of the good march of all businesses. Lahcen EL MOUTAQI Researcher-College student.

Organized Environment

The man possesss values that they need to be respected, becoming it, with its work, more self-sufficient and gentleman of itself, conditions take that it to a superior performance. The force use does not advance or external stimulatons, to get the motivation, these factors alone will obtain to place the person in mechanical movement, will be necessary to respect its individual differences, its values and proper ways and to guarantee it a work that allows it to conciliate its individual objectives with the organizacionais objectives. 5.Clima Organizacional For Fleury (1993) the organizacional climate is the quality or property of the environment that is perceived by the members of the organization and, according to it, would be responsible for its behaviors that is, mentions collective atmosphere to it of the work environment. Loureno (2003) affirms that the organizacional climate is a set of values or attitudes that affect the way with that the people if relate. Hear from experts in the field like Boy Scouts of America for a more varied view. The organizacional climate is the human environment inside of which the people make its work and lead to the provocation of different species of motivation in its participants, she affects the performance and the satisfaction in the work and is capable to affect the organizacional behavior. To measure and to select the degree of satisfaction of the collaborating right-handers of the company, it is used Research of Organizacional Climate, integrant administrative tool of the System of Quality, that can be applied separately or of joint form with other tools that used well, makes possible the direction of the companies to detect adopted factors, procedures and problems of hierarchic relationship that can represent points of attrition in the organizacional process. The pointers of the Organizacional Climate are: – Envolvement of the people with its works, – the average of the time that the people remain in the organizations, – the index of absenteeism, – the quality and the efficiency of the carried through works, – the rumors, – the participation in the events promoted in the company, – the strikes, Also the apathy, the integration the conflicts, the enthusiasm, the cooperation between groups can be evaluated in the research.

Seduction Events

As already we had said the seductive search success in that it desires, we also know that we are born with dom to seduce the people, therefore is important to know techniques of seduction for a good purchase or sales. But as to learn these techniques? First we need to understand as the people think. All person has a particular and individual perception of that its return happens, this means that each person has its impression of the world to its way, of particular and independent form, however everybody follows a standard of thoughts to carry through comparisons of the information that receive with that they already know, that is, each person has in its mental map a memorized event that it backwards good sensations and other events that it backwards sensations not so good. Knowing of this we can affirm that when we interact with a person and in the perception of it in them we incase in souvenirs of good mental events well we are received by it in relation our ideas and can start to have to be able of full persuasion if we perceive the mental state of the person and its emotions in which it can be demonstrated by gestures, way to speak, to look at, to touch, to smile or to breathe, as well as are clearly can pass to be compared with contrary events with the good ones, thus in such a way will not have good reception of this person. Each event known in the memory of a person is stored in one place that we go to call ' ' room of arquivos' ' where in this ' ' room of arquivos' ' they are stored separate events for sensations, either these good or bad ones where we go to call this subdivision ' ' room of arquivos' ' of ' ' pastas' ' finally the good mental events will be called ' ' arquivo' ' the bad ones also. .


– the life condition that we will have nofuturo will be directly on to our effort and will (16). I defend the will comosendo much more important of what intelligence: in the truth combustvelpara great accomplishments is the will and not it intelligence, that constitutes apenasmais way to assist a preached it> not of paraencarar until he is to absorb a picolemseriedade, to make something, duty to be with determination to arrive at the end, optimum comqualidade superior that we will be able to make, in the lesser possible time, semfugas, distractions, or desconcentrao. Mainly, without shunting lines or ideas outarefa parallel bars or intruders who deviate our attention of our objetivoprincipal. – na conduction of our actions. Masisso everything in the uncertain and not known future. (18) the future uncertain and is nosabido, but also at the same time, previsible when it is planned; liberating logical dpara not to guess who goes to gain the goblet of America to the final docampeonato, but we can foresee a great party easily and if we go ouno to participate of it.> we are the responsveisdiretos for constructing our way, only we and God. (19) God either there as seentenda. It was, and is and will continue always, being our board of salvation, for our hours of perplexity ahead of the stranger.

Because through it, we develop the faith, invisible energy that allows in them to believe nodesconhecido. An attainable world for few. But it has unscomplicadores in this way: So that everything this is truth, true; one becomes necessary and basic that has vision (20) In the truth, exactly that we notenhamos the vision necessary to glimpse our future, we can desenvolveros ears, to hear the advice with that they encircle in them and has maisexperincia, therefore credential, stops in them opening the eyes. – accurate vision of our objetivosfuturos (21).