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Audience of the DEDC UNEB University of the State of the Bahia.Promotion: Literary prize Valdeck Almeida de Jesuses, Project Loving of the Knowledge (Tassio Revelat), Says to Writer (Leandro Assis), Project Hen Jumping (Valdeck Almeida de Jesus). Moderadora: Renata Rimet. Of the 9 to the 12:00 hs Tables Valdeck Almeida de Jesus/Says Writer.Of 9 to the 10:00 hsPalestrantes and subjects: Publishing panorama of the Bahia (Carlos Happiness) the book and the fairs of the book in Brazil (Leandro de Assis) the profession of the writer (Carlos Alberto Barreto) personal Marketing for writers (Carlos Sousa) Of the 10 to the 11:00 hsExposies: A bit (Renata Rimet) Fire ftuo (Carlos Barreto) Reviewed Art Poetry Fidgets (Leandro Assis) personal Revolution (Carlos Souza). Of the 11 to the 12:00 hsRecitais poetical-musical comedies with: Antonio Barreto, Varneci Birth, Jotac Freitas, Franklin Maxado (cordelistas) Carlos Conrado, Leandro de Assis, Malu Freitas, Grigrio Rock, Sandra Stabile, Renata> Audience of the DEDC UNEB. Of the 9 to the 12:00 hs Loving Tables Project of the knowledge (Tassio revelat), project Attitude (Tude Clinks), the educator philosopher (Robson Saints). Mediating: Vanessa Fragoso. Check out Center for Responsible Business for additional information.

Of the 9 to the 10:00 hs. To read more click here: Nieman Foundation. Table: Integral education. Palestrantes and subjects: The pedagogia of the being (Dulce Moreira Sampaio) Education of human values (Claude You put Avena), Loving of the knowledge (Tassio Revelat) Project Attitude (Tude Clinks) the educator philosopher (Robson Saints). Moderadora: Vanessa Fragoso. Of the 10 ace 12:00 hs. Expositions: Sandra Stabile ( Anthology hands that says ) Carlos Vilarinho ( old ) Sundays Ailton ( typical Figures of the popular religiosidade of Jequi ) Leo Dragone ( Daily of Rafinha.

The two faces of a love Memorial of the hell and 30 years of poetry ) Peralta Landmarks ( cantos of the Alive MCcaca ) Lyrio Luiz ( In the gone ones of 68 ). 30/01 Theater of the State University of the Bahia – UNEBDas 17 to the 23:00 hs. Book launchings/Exposition 20 to the 21 hours with you recite: Valdeck Memorial Almeida of the Hell and 30 years of poetry Lo Daily Dragone of Rafinha. The two faces of a love Sandra Stabile Anthology Hands that Say, of the Brazilian Project Soul Carlos Conrado the aeronaut Carlos Vilarinho old Ailton Sundays typical Figures and popular religiosidade of Jequi Peralta Landmarks a Cantos of the Alive MCcaca Lyrio Luiz – In Gone of 68 the Carlos Souza personal Revolution Renata Rimet A bit Carlos Barreto Ftuo Fire and magazine Art PoesiLeandro Assis Fidgets Vanise Vergasta Valdeck is Prosa and Vanise is Poetry Recitais and Musicais: Antonio Barreto, Varneci Birth, Jotac Freitas, Franklin Maxado> University of the State of the BahiAvenida Silveira Martins, 2555