Prepaid Mobile

The number of different offers and bargain prices in recent months has become more and more unmanageable. The offers are similar, although at first sight, or even the same, but a close comparison of the differences brings to light. The differences show up here in detail: the timing, cost of short messages or the price per minute – here they are hidden. Despite the confusion, the consumer should not despair, however. Almost every customer can save, when he compares the rates accurately. The offers of pre-paid discount stores are mainly for human consumption, whose main objective is to reach one's own.

This target is not one continuous phone calls that lead talks on the phone for hours a day. And just for this customer group, the prepaid deals are interesting. The advantages of prepaid offerings are diverse. There are no subscription charges or minimum monthly turnovers. The credit balance you have loaded before the first phone to mobile phone.

This makes it impossible to spend even more money than one has. In many cases, the SIM cards are already equipped with a credit, so you can make calls immediately. If the credit is used, there are different ways depending on the provider it to recharge. By credit card, direct debit, credit card or an auto-recharge by direct debit, if a certain minimum balance is below – the customer can choose how he has it most. Another advantage is the relatively simple pricing of prepaid discount, vybemobile and Co: In most cases it is a price per minute in each network, which applies for each call to the German mobile or landline. Internal network, the calls and the cost for sending short messages generally favorable. But one should note that one for a prepaid mobile phone tariff already possess. This must also be enabled, thus no longer be blocked by the SIM Lock. Many manufacturers such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Motorola have set on this group. They offer cheap mobile phones with standard features at an affordable Entry. This offer then but no cell phone camera or MP3 player, however, are quite sufficient to make phone calls. Above all, these newcomers are not overwhelmed by the mobile phone functionality. The price range is then at about 50 . The Internet can be compared to the current offers portals easily compared. All the important criteria are listed and can be compared. Who here misses closer look, definitely not the best action and can thus reduce the monthly expenses.