Rose Business

Our Moscow farms also cultivate good and very high quality roses, but of small stature and a small glass. Willing to buy them, unfortunately, much less, although it is certainly a matter of taste, Personally, I appreciate them very much. Just need to know the mentality of our customers: As a rule, he gives the flowers on the occasion and, of course, wants it to be a huge bouquet of tall and large roses. Secondly, since the beginning of last century Dutch flower auction system is established. Its essence is that manufacturers from all over the world send back the flowers of various varieties, of varying quality, ranging from simple greens to the latest novelties selection. On any given day and hour you will be able to buy exactly the sort and that the number of colors that you need.

On the basis of an auction, there are accredited by the firm, which is exactly fulfill your order. Producers have always constrained by its own production. For example, it now grows a wave of roses – it offers you just a rose, the wave has passed – he had nothing to offer can not, however, and reduce prices is not in a hurry. Any manufacturer that specializes in one type (5-10 varieties of roses), to increase the range and rising sales of own flower purchases at the same auction a few species, and therefore very familiar with the Dutch prices. Of course, he never sells his roses are much cheaper than imported.