Society and Foundations

The society is compared with a building in which the foundations, the infrastructure, would be represented by the economic forces, while the building in itself, the superstructure, would represent the ideas, customs, institutions (politics, religious, legal, etc). By the way, Marx> the social relations are entirely linked to the productive forces. Acquiring new productive forces, the men modify its way of production, the way to gain the life, modify all the social relations. The mill the arm will give the society to you with the suserano; the mill the vapor, the society with the industrial capitalism . Such afrimao, defending rigorous economic determinismo in all the societies human beings, was established by the Marx and Engels inside of the permanent climate of controversy who had kept with its opponents, and attenuated with the afimativa of that constant interaction exists and interdependence between the two levels that the social structure composes: in the same way for which the infrastructure acts on the superstructure, on the consequences of this, even so, in last instance, they are the economic factors the finally determinative conditions. > is the force of capital production, the social forms and interchange is the real bedding that the philosophers had represented as substance . What more critical Marx is the question of as to understand what is the man.

Conscience is not to have (to be rational), nor neither to be an animal politician, who confers to the man its singularity, but to be capable to produce its conditions of existence, material how much in such a way ideal, that differentiates the man . The essence of the man is not to have essence, the essence of the man is something that proper it constructs, that is, history. SPECULATION is the connection between the social structure and politics and the production of empirical form and without speculation .