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Lengthy review of the reports is thus no longer necessary corrective to intervene on the basis of the analysis data. “Alone, the new features in Google Analytics are so diverse that we have created a multi-page overview for our customers,” commented Holger Temple, Managing Director of webalytics, the latest trends in the United States. “For anyone interested in German-speaking we have translated the wealth of information and with accompanying videos provided already on our site, even if some will come in the next few weeks.” Google gurus among themselves on the global partners meeting informed Google national partners not only about the ongoing development. The Google discuss among themselves their own experiences, case studies of exemplary scenarios from the practice, as well as innovative solutions for their gurus Customers. So the Americans Dan Siroker in the keynotes, presented as his team through extensive testing with Internet data helped win the presidential election for Barack Obama. “A remarkable lecture, has already given the Dan at Stanford University and is now all over the world to find on YouTube”, praises Holger Temple colleagues. All data, facts and background of the Google Partner Summit 2009 are available at. Already, the experts at webalytics convey the advanced features to Google Analytics along with all pending changes in their current training.

The German Google gurus offer therefore the Internet specialists in this country today the opportunity to bring their expertise within the framework of a two-day training on the latest status. Short profile of webalytics webalytics is the first Google Analytics authorized consultants (GAAC) in Germany and the by far the leading Google competence partner in the region of roof. The first address in things is webalytics as a preferred agency for all Google and Urchin products Web site optimization. Competent service provider for all facets of a successful online marketing is recommended webalytics as high as experts in the analysis and perfection of websites, portals and online stores. The official partner for Google Analytics and the Urchin software products and appliances works with a professional team of experienced Internet professionals mainly in the field of Web Analytics and search engine optimization. Responsible webalytics professional services to targeted advertising address via Google AdWords, as well as for Urchin provides the room roof software, also a trademark of Google Inc. contact information CODES / webalytics e. K. chemicals Street 14-15 68623 Lampertheim tel/fax: 070000 466453 contact: Holger Temple press contact RIBA: BusinessTalk GmbH Metoki Besselich D-56182 Urbar / Koblenz Tel.: + 49 (0) 261 963757-23 contact person: Aki Blum