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Online Trading Wayan Living Delivers Heavy Buddha

Steinbuddhas of the largest weight class provides Wayan living straight to your home. Eliminates annoying hauling of this massive specimens. For many years, Inge Hartl by Asia travel. In this way, she discovered the love of this continent and the people. Was a very special experience but also the spirit and the spirit of the people and things to learn. Increasingly business activities developed from the attachment to country and people. The link seems appropriate, because demand Buddas Wayan living constantly.

As a small company, Wayan living has become to the task import Buddha and Temple of the Indonesian room. The sales in addition to an attractive exhibition directly on-site, is usually carried out in online trading. Offered and sent are mostly very heavy Steinbuddhas specializes in Wayan living. Anything else would have been too easy. From time to time but also Budda’s made of wood and precious metals can be found in the offer of the company.

Decisive in the choice of objects is that they bring a special feeling of Asian culture in the Western world. The natural stone specimens, mostly chiselled lava stone, are figures, Buddha Buddha heads, Buddha statues and temples. All copies are hand-made and how we we can insure from many years of experience, absolutely Frost-proof. The unique feature of is that all Budhas only as real unique items are available. The Europe-wide delivery of heavy Buddha’s is assured.


The great part of these institutions is an improvisation. The directors and the owners of this class of production means do not know the work of the philosophy. They do not have idea that it is the philosophy, nor as is applied. They are so reflection destitutes, that they have never perceived that the philosophers have made the majors I contribute in history. In the physics area, mathematics, poetry, Literature, sociology, astronomy, ethics and policy. And other so many areas of the knowledge. Then when in any public or deprived school they contract an educational one of social sciences, they place this personage to dictate the subject of ” filosofa”.

Nothing else stupid and in opposition to any educative system laid the foundations good. This demonstrates to the years light ignorance that owns Colombia like state. Then as it would say ours town, the ministers of education of our mother country: they know more of maternity of hens. As much the education ministers as the directors and owners of the educative establishments, do not have an idea clear, evident and different that it is the education. The first error is to place to educational of social sciences to teach something that does not know, that has never contemplated, that it does not appreciate.

The second error is that it leaves to the educational ones of philosophy without use. ” the fault of universities you publish and private in Colombia” it is that the philosopher does not leave with another emphasis, therefore is at a disadvantage. Example: philosopher with emphasis in labor and commercial legislation. Philosopher with emphasis in abstract and applied reasoning.