The Yorkshire Terrier

If you plan to buy a pet, which you can actually interact with mutual admiration, you should take the puppy. Not for nothing believe that any dog – is in fact the man just does not live so long and if you talk to her, in answer to say anything is impossible. And while anyone who has looked into the eyes of reasonable dog, knows well: a dog can understand everything, and this is true regarding not only the intonation is directly Voice of the owner, as well as direct statements. Most often occurs in lodging a tiny puppy, whose owners are taking any of the thoroughbred, or simply out of charity can pick up the fresh air. And with such little puppy will need from the first moment of work. In direct relation to, out of the place you have a dog, caring for the puppy will be different. That, incidentally, purebred dog from the club will not require special courtship: she does not need too many times lead to the veterinarian, in addition and major laws of life in the apartment of this kind of puppy is usually initially knows.

If the same dog – from the street, you will need to thoroughly wash and demonstrate the veterinarian. First and foremost, need to immediately implement all, without exception, required vaccinations against disease, if admits a number of months. And, of course, examine the puppy for the presence of worms. For the puppy, which appeared in your house with garbage, it is very important. However, if you wish to have a dog in the apartment to show you one track to the club. In it you will not only advise on where best to take the puppy and how much it might cost, but also will contribute in finding all the necessary information for the care and training. And not that important, there is in your home or Yorkshire Terrier St.

Bernard – puppy training should begin with the very first minute its location at the shelter. For what seemed a darling, when a tiny puppy, can not remain so in the general quickly as he matures. Because education starts from the very first second of the presence of the baby in the house. Must at the same time not forget that certain principles of life in the home must be respected by all present members of the family that did not work so a family member needs one, but someone else – the other. Find clear language in including family members in the nuances of teaching a puppy has a particular need, or later you have the strength to be with your home beast serious difficulties. Because for him, such conflicts – notably nervous stress, and it can refuse to obey. Also, and very little puppy is constantly able to require communication. And this can be the interaction with other dogs, but the owner too – and it's really important. Talk to him play – only in If so, you will feel this understanding and we will get not just a pet, but also a friend.