Complete Cure For AIDS, HIV, Cancer And Other Types Of Oncology, Liu Is

The method of complete cure for AIDS, HIV, cancer and other types of cancer at any stage and all the sexually transmitted diseases. Found a completely new approach to solving this issue. Naturally, this is not a panacea to heal from particular disease at a particular stage should be approached creatively and selectively. But sick people appeared very real possibility of hard to curable diseases. And, most importantly – treatment is virtually no Medicine, as well as some elements (in particular the need to) Traditional medicine and an official of traditional medicine. Because they were all right, but cure the patient comes only in the application of various theories and practices complex. To do this, on the above mentioned method is removed maximum negative environmental effects, individually selected food and way of life of the patient, special procedures and so on.

In the first phase is very soft and comfortably cleared the patient’s body from accumulated in his body of dead cells, poisons and toxins, poisons him every second, contributing to his condition and so easy – a unique way within two weeks. Already in this period the patient is much better. Then again, gently and comfortably removed from the organism of the patient all microorganisms are viruses, fungi and molds, as well as other parasites – with modern apparatus and drugs. Simultaneously, the human body is populated it needs enzymes useful microflora, natural vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Depending on the severity of the disease (including and recommendations for the further recovery of his body, along with information support. This method has already been treated by many people. . Thus, an integrated approach to the treatment of previously considered incurable diseases, and also difficult to treat serious diseases and easily – humanity was a much better survival rates and prolong the life of the world’s population, increasing the period of his disability. Questions may be set by.

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