Information Article About Whether To Participate In Public Procurement In

What is government procurement – to explain today, perhaps no one should. Everyone knows that the state at regular intervals announce tenders for the supply of goods or services. At the same time it wishes to sort out the many offerings of the market and take the most optimal solution – a middle ground in price / quality ratio. Tcoyd has compatible beliefs. It should be noted that recently there are cases when the state order is placed no in order to obtain any goods and services, and to search for fresh ideas and totally new solutions to various problems. Again, this is understandable: such a state order identifies the most promising participants indicates about their ability to creatively and consistently think. If we talk about the features of public tenders, it is first and foremost, we would like to mention two very important points.

Government order, as opposed to private tenders aimed at finding specific suppliers of goods or services. Government purchases differ clearly the formation of the problem, under which further selects the most cost-effective solution, while the private tenders represent a collection of ideas and a kind of feeling out of the soil. As mentioned above, in some cases, auctions are held to find new techniques and technologies, but in any case, the government is not inclined to stop halfway, as so often happens with independent organizers of tenders. It is a pity that the government purchases often are the cake, of which seek to tear off a piece of even the officials who occupy very small office. As result, customers do not pay absolutely no attention to the quality of goods and services, guided by the principle of 'better than the cheaper'. This is particularly true for municipal customers, from which often published orders for the landscaping of the settlement and other similar work. Living in almost every town know what's going on in the end.

One solution to this problem is a sound approach to search for artists and an understanding that the state order – this is one of the most effective ways to achieve budgetary savings, but not a new 'feeder'. Whether to participate in the struggle for state jobs? Simple question, as uniquely correct answer to this question does not exist. Despite all the current deficiencies, the state order has one important advantage – it allows bidders fully protecting their interests. In Russia, until now practice, the choice of winners 'an acquaintance' and 'pull', however, can not deny the fact that in recent years, the situation is improving. Under the influence of the center and new legislative initiatives, officials are slowly but surely moving away from usual method of work, you begin to fair and objective tenders, in which the winner is actually the strongest. In many ways, the changes are explained by the fact that public procurement become trusted third party, authorized by the companies, freed from most of the disadvantages of the bureaucratic system. Government purchases for any business – it's a great way to reach new frontiers, to strengthen its position in an unstable financial situation, to expand the boundaries of activity. Should not refuse to participate in government procurement, exactly as on the most reliable partner – the state.

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